"Leanna did a commission for me last year, doing a custom design for the back of my vest. The piece turned out incredible. It's visually beautiful, the level of detail was absolutely stunning, and she added a few additional details on top of my original idea that were very much the cherry on top, and I can tell she really gave it her all to make it the best it could absolutely be. On a professional level, Leanna was a joy to work with. Aside from being a friendly and cool person in general, she was very open, honest and transparent about her deadlines and expectations, and her communication was super clear and consistent throughout the whole process. She sent me updates when they were necessary, she was super organized through her whole process and was super punctual. I plan on commissioning her for more art in the future for other projects of mine, and I implore others to do the same - she'll do a great job for you!"   -Ryan Mueller

"It’s with great pleasure that I came across the otherworldly art of Leanna TenEycke. With a penchant for the peculiar and a knack for the macabre, she’s a true master of her craft and of similar mind. When I needed a logo that would scream blackened noise louder than my guitar feedback loop, Leanna delivered with style. The result? A design as dark and gritty as the music it represents, yet beautiful in its own moribund way. It’s like she took a stroll through the nightmares of a forest crone and came back with a fun little souvenir. Absolutely floored by her artistry, I enlisted her talents again for my album cover. The sort of artistic oomph that hits in the gut, and makes undead heads spin. With a stroke of her figurative brush, she’d conjured up a scene straight out of a Lovecraftian cosmic horror — grotesque, yet captivating. It’s the sort of artwork that as a metal head forces you to do a doable-take, then nod in grim appreciation. Beyond Leanna’s knack for grim and gruesome, is an incredibly pleasant artist who is an absolute delight to work with. Friendly, funny, and open to collaboration — she’s the kind of artist who makes the creative process feel like a choose your own adventure. So, for those reading this, if you’re in the market for logos, artwork, etc that are equal parts beautiful and macabre, look no further than Leanna. Like a modern Dr. Frankenstein, she’ll bring your Promethean visions to life."  - Crazul the Dark Lord